Make use of phone as a GPS device (AKA GPS sharing)

Short Description

Add functionality of GPS sharing in GNOME's Geolocation framework, Geoclue that helps users find their current location in Maps and automatically update timezone among other things. With the help of an Android application we will be able to share GPS location data from an Android device to Geoclue, this will increase its reliability and accuracy. Another motive of this project is also to provide Geoclue to Geoclue sharing feature, which will let you share GPS location from one GNOME machine to another.

About Me

My name is Ankit. I am an undergraduate student at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar (India). As of May-2014, I am in 8th semester of 4 year B.Tech. course in Computer Science Engineering.


  • IRC: ankitstarski
  • email: ankitstarski AT SPAMFREEE gmail DOT com
  • Blog:


Timeline (25 May - 21 August, 13 weeks)

  • Week 1 and 2

    Experiments with the code and implementation of a basic layout for new Geoclue location source. This Geoclue location source would be able to take in NMEA GGA sentences and convert into location object.

    Week 3 and 4

    Geoclue Location source continued.

    Week 5 and 6

    Working skeleton of Android application that will connect with Geoclue and send information.

    Week 7 and 8

    Geoclue GUI for Geoclue to Geoclue sharing.

    Week 9 and 10

    Implementation of more seamless connectivity using Android NSD and Avahi.

    Week 11 and 12

    Android application UI/UX improvements.

    Week 13

    Testing, optimization, bug fixing and wrapping up.

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