Geolocation Sharing Mobile Apps

Use a mobile app to share geolocation data from a mobile device with a GNOME install.

  • Geolocation data can be shared over USB, wifi or Bluetooth.
  • Data is "broadcast" - the mobile app provides a service that clients can use.

Design Goals

Design goals for the mobile applications:

  • Indicate the status of the geolocation sharing service (on/off).
  • Allow the geolocation sharing service to be turned on/off.
  • Prompt the user to enable GPS, and show the status of location services (ie. is GPS on/off, how accurate is it?)
  • Provide information on how the sharing service works (tell them to make sure that they are connected to the same wifi network as your computer, or to tether via USB or Bluetooth).
  • Display connected devices that are using the geolocation service.
  • Be simple and attractive.

Relevant Art

Tentative Design


- Does sharing via Bluetooth can use the Location and Navigation profile from Bluetooth 4.0Le specs ? --FabienBourigault

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