Xpad is a free (GPLv3) sticky note application written using GTK+ 3.0 that strives to be simple, fault-tolerant, and customizable. Xpad consists of independent pad windows; each is basically a text box in which notes can be written. Despite being called xpad, all that is needed to run or compile it is the GTK+ 3.0 libraries. Xpad currently supports Mac OSX and Linux. Here is a list of major features in the current xpad stable release:

  • Fault tolerant. All information is kept on the hard drive, not memory. So if power is lost or your computer freezes, there is little lost information.
  • Xpad is very customizable. The color scheme and font can be changed in "Preferences". These settings can be applied to one pad or set as the default for future pads. Want window decorations or not? Your choice.
  • A customizable toolbar puts the most frequently used commands at your fingertips. To customize, simply right-click.


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