Before we begin…


In GNOME we use Matrix to hang out together and Discourse. In the #newcomers chatroom you can ask questions while following this guide.


  • Patience is your friend.
    It can take time before a fellow contributor can help you. Please provide as much information as possible about your problem and don’t message via private messages—you can use the #newcomers channel.


  • Be respectful.
    We are like a big family of all kind of cultures and backgrounds. We want a safe and comfortable community for all so you will feel like at home.


  • Take the initiative and be self-driven.
    GNOME contributors find and decide to work on tasks on their own. GNOME is driven by people like you who takes the initiative and create awesome things!

Read the full code of conduct to know what to expect while contributing to GNOME, we want you feel safe and welcomed.

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