List of newcomer-friendly GNOME projects

The best way to start contributing to GNOME is by choosing one GNOME project and get to know it. The list below consists of projects which are good starting points for new GNOME contributors. The link next to the project name is the name of the project's IRC channel on GNOME's IRC server The string next to each mentor's name is their IRC nick. If you have questions you can always ask on the project's IRC channel, on the #newcomers IRC channel or by contacting the project's mentor.

  • gimp.png

    GIMP (#gimp)
    Mentors: Jehan Pages (Jehan)
    GNU Image Manipulation Program is an advanced image editor written in C.

{i} We recommend the apps listed above, but you can explore other apps and mentors, check the mentors list
Maintainers: Please follow these guidelines before listing your app.

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