Choose a Project

GNOME has got hundreds of projects. To make it easier for you to get started, we have highlighted the applications which are great starting points for making your first contribution.

polari.png Polari (#polari) (Project complexity: Simple) - An easy to use IRC client, written in Javascript
Mentors: Bastian Ilsø (bastianilso), Florian Müllner (fmuellner)

nautilus.png Files (Nautilus) (#nautilus) (Project complexity: Complex) - The straightforward file manager, written in C
Mentors: Carlos Soriano (csoriano)

gnome-maps.png Maps (#gnome-maps) (Project complexity: Simple)- A simple map application, written in Javascript.
Mentors: Jonas Danielsson (jonasdn), Marcus Lundblad (marcus), Amisha Singla (amisha), Mattias Bengtsson (mattiasb)

gnome-photos.png Photos (#photos) (Project complexity: Medium) - An application to show, find and organize your photos, written in C
Mentors: Alessandro Bono (abono), Debarshi Ray (rishi)

gnome-calendar.png Calendar (#gnome-calendar) (Project complexity: Medium)- Simple and beautiful calendar for GNOME, written in C.
Mentors: GeorgesNeto (feaneron), Isaque Galdino (isaque)

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gnome-todo.png Todo (#gnome-todo) (Project complexity: Simple) - A simple and intuitive personal task manager for GNOME, written in C.
Mentors: GeorgesNeto (feaneron)

How do I choose?

Is there programming language you like? Maybe there is an app you recognize and use already yourself? Exploring the project websites, installing the apps and trying them out can help you choose.

That's it! In the next step we will look at how to build from source code, you will only need the code URL of the project, placed in this page in the project description.

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