Processing a GNOME Foundation Membership Application

Managing the queue

  • If it's been more than a month since we asked the applicant for more information and they didn't get back to us, mark the ticket as stalled.
  • If it's been more than 3 months since we asked the applicant for more information:

Full Membership

This page lists the steps to process a membership application. Renewals are discussed at RenewalsPolicy.

Note: Make sure you've read the Request Tracker before you start processing applications.


  • Log in to RT, and check the FoundationMembershipApplications queue.

  • Each ticket there refers to an application. Select one and review the information provided by the applicant.
    • Note: Make sure to search for the applicant in Mango, so you know if the application is a renewal or not.
  • Double check the applicant's contributions. These can bee bug reports, git commits, translations, etc. Please note that donations do not qualify as contributions for the purposes of membership applications. Useful links for verifying contributions:
  • If you're unsure about the application, email the contacts provided by the applicant. Use the template Request information from Contacts available at FormLetters. If no contacts were provided, ask for more information using the template Request information from Applicant.

  • Once contacts replied, review their response and decide what to do with the application. If you're unsure still, leave a comment on the ticket and ping another members of the committee on IRC (#membership).
  • If contributions are enough to grant membership, head to the Account Management System.

    • Has the applicant an account already? Look for his name, surname or email by using the search box on the right.
      • In the case the applicant has an account already: select the user entry, then click on User Groups --> Add, then look for the group called foundation and grant it (it may be needed to for renewals if the membership had already expired, so you should check it). Once done, head yourself back to the Settings panel which is located on the left side of the User Groups button. When there update the Foundation Member since and Last Renewed on date fields entering the date when the applicant was accepted in the form of YYYY-MM-DD.

      • If the applicant has no account yet, have one created by the accounts team. You can try to look for the Add button on the top right side of the UI. But only the account's team can create accounts. Wait for the account to be created or ask for help. Once the account exists, follow the instructions of the previous point. Make sure the userid matches the naming policy. Also make sure to update the new member's email on his profile to the one provided on the ticket. (as the system defaults to use making the alias not work)

      • Press the Save button.

  • Add a comment to the ticket saying you accepted the application, and mark the ticket as resolved.
  • If contributions are NOT enough to grant membership:
    • Reply to the applicant using the template Application denied. Make sure to cc the applicant on the reply, as it replies by default to the Membership Committee mailing list.

    • Mark the ticket as resolved.
  • Add the new member to the list of ApprovedMembers.


  • We currently do not process applications from GSoC and OPW interns until two months after their internship ended. After the two months, make sure the intern kept contributing after the end of the internship. Reply to the application using the template under Application from intern.

  • If the applicant hasn't been active in a while but had relevant contributions in the past, consider offering them an Emeritus membership.

  • Be aware that the whole communication is made public and accessible through the Mail list archives.

Emeritus Members

Make sure you've read EmeritusMembers.

  • Review the information provided by the applicant. If you believe contributions are enough to grant Emeritus membership, leave a positive comment on the ticket and ping another member of the committee on IRC, so they can check the application as well.
  • Two positive comments from different members of the committee are needed to approve an Emeritus application.
  • Once two members have reviewed the application, and agree it should be approved:

Returning from Emeritus to Full membership

  • Make sure the applicant has started contributing again. Follow the same steps and criteria you would for a Full membership application.
  • If contributions are enough to grant a full membership:
  • If contributions are NOT enough to grant a full membership:

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