Membership & Elections Committee

Welcome to the Membership & Elections Committee of the GNOME Foundation.

The Membership & Elections Committee, as the name suggests, is tasked with processing applications for membership to the GNOME Foundation and based on a set of policies approve, reject or ask for more information on the applications. The Membership & Elections Committee are also responsible for conducting the Elections to the GNOME Foundation's Board of Directors.

Current members of the committee are:

At a glance

Relevant Information

  • /ProcessingAnApplication: step by step on how to process a membership's application

  • /MembershipBenefits: Foundation Membership Benefits

  • /RT: documentation about the Request Tracker tracking system of the Membership Committee

  • /FormLetters: some form letters we use when processing applications

  • /EmeritusMembers: details about the Emeritus Membership

  • /ElectionsHowTo: how to organize elections & referenda

  • /Accesses: accesses that should be set up and available to all new Membership Committee members.

  • /ApprovedMembers: list of approved but not yet announced (foundation-list) members.

  • /QuarterlyReports: Quarterly Reports data for the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

  • /RenewalsPolicy: The policy we should follow when renewing a Foundation Membership.

Additional Information

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