System Settings hackfest 2013

Took place in Brno, during the BoF days of GUADEC 2013 (Monday 5th August).



  • Bastien Nocera
  • Kalev Lember
  • Jakub Steiner
  • Jon McCann

  • Debarshi Ray

  • Rui Matos
  • Marek Kasik
  • Ondrej Holy
  • Ping Chen
  • Paolo Borelli
  • Giovanni Campagna
  • Allan Day
  • Christian Hergert
  • Benjamin Tissoires
  • Christophe Fergeau
  • Matthias Clasen
  • Richard Hughes
  • Philip Withnall
  • Gustavo Padovan
  • Zeeshan Ali

Date & Time panel

  • Remove polkit button when already allowed (everywhere!)
  • Date & Time presentation by Kalev

  • Hopefully merged into GNOME 3.10
  • Discussion about having useful "date"/"time" (overriding LC_TIME/LC_MESSAGES) for apps to use

Location services integration in Privacy

  • Presentation by Zeeshan

Displays panel redesign

  • Presentation by Allan: Displays

  • Wayland enablement by Giovanni, is that mergeable yet? -- Should be able to merge wayland enablement in 3.10, APIs to enable the new design (mutter cooperation, GTK+ applications API)

Updated shell interface

Bluetooth panel redesign for 3.12

  • Doable for 3.12 if we get BlueZ 5 in GNOME 3.10
  • BlueZ 5 in 3.10 is feasible, need only some fixes in gnome-user-share/obexd not to regress too much

Testing infrastructure for gnome-settings-daemon

  • Need more of this for 3.12. Think unit tests as seen from the outside of the plugin code.


  • Gestures

  • Don't need those until we have real support in shell and toolkit

Patch reviewing and bug fixing

  • More "buddy" reviews.

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