September 20 2022 Meeting


  1. SammyFung

  2. Syzawan
  3. bootingman
  4. Kristi
  5. fenris


  • GNOME.Asia Summit 2022 Update
  • A.O.B.
  • When will we meet next time?

Meeting notes

  • GNOME.Asia Summit 2022 Update
    • The board approved the proposal and approved a minimum budget of 12,000 USD. The travel & accommodation budget will be approved by the travel committee, we can spend more if we secure some sponsorship. The pre-approved amount is allocated to the venue and AV first.

    • Travel & Accommodation sponsorship for speakers must be applied when they submit the CFP proposal.

    • Travel & Accommodation sponsorship for the local team should apply before 10/10, read Travel Sponsorship Policy.

    • Kristi announced the Call for Papers and speaker travel sponsorship request.

  • A.O.B.
    • We discussed the meeting time but it's no conclusion yet.
  • When will we meet next time?
    • 27 September 2022, Tuesday. Remain 13:00 UTC.

Action Items

  • AI: Local team will book the venue asap.
  • AI: Local team will discuss with the venue about the streaming arrangement.
  • AI: Local team will re-estimate the budget spending.
  • AI: Local team will provide information for the website (issue #69).

  • AI: Everyone starts promoting the Call For Paper now!

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