Travel sponsorship

One of the ways that the GNOME Foundation supports the GNOME project is by sponsoring contributors to attend GNOME events such as conferences and hackfests. Sponsorship requests are processed by the Travel Committee. Follow the request instructions to request sponsorship. All GNOME contributors are encouraged to apply. The sponsored travel is meant to help those that would like to attend events but are unable to do so for financial reasons.

To better understand the process and work of the Travel Committee, from the application submission to the reimbursement, please read details of the sponsorship request process.

Travel policy

GNOME Foundation members can be sponsored to further the development of GNOME and to spread the word about GNOME.

It is your responsibility to always choose the most economical option whenever possible. The GNOME Foundation spends a large portion of its budget on sponsoring travel for its members and still has to turn down applicants. The Travel Committee will look for more economical options and use it as a reference when deciding on a sponsorship.

Remember: the money you save is the money that can help someone else travel and participate. It also means we might be able to help you again in the future.

Your duties

  • Write a report. Blog posts are the preferred type of report.
  • Use the round badge or the rectangular badge.

  • Be available to meet with the advisory board members or the sponsor.
  • Be available to help other event attendees, especially those who want to get involved with GNOME.
  • Inform the Travel Committee if you cannot attend the event.
  • Provide receipts (not bank or credit card statements) for all relevant costs.

You can include talks you attended, activities you participated in, new people you met, how this event changes or encourages your involvement in GNOME and so on in your report. It can be written as one or several blog posts. If you cannot write a public report, you must email it to the Travel Committee. You must write about the event and your attendance because your report will help us:

  • …justify our investment in you
  • …show potential sponsors the impact of sponsoring travel which helps us raise money for future travel
  • …spread the word about GNOME and accomplish the GNOME mission of providing a free and accessible desktop

What is eligible for sponsorship?

  • Travel costs: flight tickets, train tickets, etc.

  • Accommodation: hostel, hotel, etc.

What is NOT eligible for sponsorship?

  • Travel and accommodation if you do not attend the event, for example due to a rejected visa application
  • Local travel (unless explicitly agreed beforehand)
  • Food
  • Taxes
  • Extra charges for bank cards
  • Visas, etc.

Exceptions to what can be sponsored

The GNOME Foundation may sponsor extra costs when the representative obtains an explicit request from the board to attend an event. Any such costs must be discussed with the Travel Committee before incurring them and are subject to the Travel Committee's approval. In the case of meals, they can not exceed US$40 per day and they will be limited by the number of days requested to be at the event.

Exceptions to who can be sponsored

The GNOME Foundation may occasionally sponsor people who are not foundation members:

  • Google Summer of Code students and Outreach Program for Women interns who have a good track record in their projects and have the support of the GSoC/OPW administrators may be partially or fully sponsored to attend to a GNOME event.

  • Contributors who are currently in the process of becoming a GNOME Foundation member, or those are working actively on a project which is relevant for GNOME and who are expected to become a GNOME Foundation member within the next year. (Remember that representing GNOME at events counts as a contribution to GNOME and can be included in your application for membership.)

Invitation Letters

The hosting organization or a person part of the local team may be able to provide an invitation letter, which may be required or recommended for applying for a visa. The conference should document the process for visa applications on their website. Should you not find any information, then please contact the organizers directly.

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