Welcome to the GUADEC organising resources. Here you will find dragons, notes from previous GUADEC organisers which sometimes tend towards ramblings and the current efforts.

If you are interested in attending GUADEC, check out https://guadec.org

What happens at GUADEC?

Presentations are given by software developers, business leaders and users who are involved in Open Source, Free Software and of course, GNOME. These combine with many practical sessions and discussion groups which set the direction of the GNOME project. It also aims to attract new developers and contributors, as well has serve as a meeting point for corporate interests and allow us to showcase some of the latest technologies.

  • #guadec at irc.gnome.org - the GUADEC chat channel.

  • #guadec at Matrix #guadec:gnome.org

Organising GUADEC




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