GNOME documentation and localization BoF

See the hacking/BoF days page for time and location information.


This BoF is an opportunity for the documentation writers and translators attending GUADEC 2019 to meet and discuss plans and ideas.

Everybody is welcome to participate. If we have newcomers attending, we will work with them to find out how to start contributing to the GNOME project with translations, documentation, or both.


We are looking for mentees interested in being guided through the getting started process, and also for experienced mentors who want to help out at the workshop.

But even if you don't fit into those categories, you are welcome to attend, this event is open to everybody who want to get in touch with GNOME documentation and translation contributors.


People who are planning on or are expected to attend:

Remote Participants

Proposed Agenda


  • Getting started with contributing to GNOME documentation




Resources (slides, blog posts) about the session:

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