Notes from the GTK+ BoF

* 3.24

  • We brought back some much-requested APIs: font chooser additions, Emoji support, move-to-rect
  • We brought back some APIs that make porting to GTK+ 4 easier: event controllers

Suggestion by Owen:

  • Ask application authors to finish 3.30 versions that use GTK+ 3.24
  • Then encourage them to port to GTK+ 4 with a promise of having a GTK+ 4 release for 3.32

* 4.0

Libraries that need to make the jump to unblock applications:

  • webkit
  • vte
  • libchamplain

Suggestion: redo the documentation for the file chooser to recommend the native file chooser

Leftovers for GTK+ 4

  • finish dnd changes: gestures for gtk level, local shortcuts - Benjamin
  • subsurface / GtkRoot - Benjamin

  • transformations - Benjamin
  • shortcuts event controller - Christian, Carlos
  • text view porting - Matthias
  • vte port - Debarshi
  • webkit port - ?
  • champlain port - ?
  • gtkvnc ?
  • gtkspice ?

Suggestion by Alex: give up the gdk/gsk/gtk split

  • Agreed: we should merge gdk and gsk
  • Agreed: we should introduce gtk subdirectories like css

30 minute break

Topic: what fell off the gtk4 shortlist

  • Christian: designer support. What we need:
    • move towards composition
    • layout manager that is separate from container implementation
  • Emeus and designer support will be external for gtk4, it is gtk5 material
  • Benjamin: shader compiler and shader api. What we need:
    • Direct3D backend ?
  • Christian: text view
    • discussion of various options for getting text view to use text nodes instead of a single cairo node

Things that need to be done for GTK 4

  • Profile the cairo backend, and make it perform as well as GTK+ 3
  • Port GtkTextView to use text render nodes

  • Shortcut event controller

Feature requests

  • "Symbolic webm"

Lunch break

  • GLib discussion
    • agreed: merge the icon fallback branch
    • open discussion of including an icon theme in gtk
    • GProperty may happen for 2.60. Some discussion around docs
    • extended error reporting with GError -> more discussion in GLib issue 14

    • discussion of things that did not happen
    • Unicode data tables - use icudata ? maybe not
    • g_autoptr - Nirbheek will look into whether it works on windows now
    • Further notes here:

10 minute break

  • Discussion of Shortcuts event controller - prototype exists in libdazzle, Christian will extract it

GTK backend discussion

  • the win32 backend is in ok shape
  • win32 backend has ci, and the build works
  • some people on irc provide answers and help with features
  • quartz backend has not been kept up
  • we don't have ci for quartz
  • we don't have gl hookup
  • christian has a macbook that he's willing to hook up to gnome ci
  • Nirbheek suggests that we could use travis ci for os x
  • More windows discussion:
    • Benjamin not hopeful about gtk3 on windows
    • Others not convinced
    • Nirbheek thinks win32 build will be much improved with meson

Roadmap discussion

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