GLib BoF

Icon theme fallbacks (

  • GTK+ developers are happy with it, as long as its behaviour is the same as what GTK+ does; Philip to verify, then merge

Update on GProperty

  • Some discussion about JS trampolining costs for animations in the shell
  • People seem OK with this idea
  • Who’s going to do the work? Can we guarantee it for 2.60?
  • Reevaluate what to do about property documentation (getter + setter + property documentation + blurb)
  • Some discussion of how to present this better in gtk-doc (list getter/setter prototypes below documentation from property doc block); bear in mind the need for _dup_ rather than _get_, etc.; does the getter return const or (transfer full)?

GError improvements:


  • Long, rambly, off-topic discussion
  • If Bastien wants it, he can implement it
  • Thumbnail sizing, normal vs large, do we want symlinks for actual hard pixel sizes?

Unicode tables (

  • libicu has complex symbol versioning and is huge, and is a pain to build on Windows
  • Can’t find any compelling alternatives
  • Make sure we have a list of places to update UCD when it updates

Anything which people want to get upstream into GLib

  • g_clear_pointer() typeof() improvements; more typeof() improvements everywhere
  • Can we do something like g_clear_autoptr() which uses the autoptr-registered free function?
  • Some discussion about getting g_autoptr() support working on Windows; Nirbheek to take a look at it so that we can potentially use it for GTK+ 4.0? Evaluating clang vs clang-cl next month

Finalisation of objects from the thread which created them

  • Philip to take a look
  • Need to think about whether we marshal dispose() as well as finalize() — could this cause deadlocks?
  • Once it’s done in GLib, GTK+ needs to implement the vfunc in GtkWidget

Misc discussion about atomics:

  • Do we make higher atomic refcount safety guarantees than we actually need? Do the new acquire()/release() APIs match up with C11?
  • Fallback atomic refcounting code is not actually safe, according to Behdad

2.60 planning

  • Elementary have some utility functions which might be upstreamable into GLib (GDateTime comparisons, ISO8601 formatting)
  • Topological sort?

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