Planning page for conference social events.

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Core Days

Thurs 27

On Thursday we will have a welcome event and pre-registration (venue TBD).

  • TODO

Fri 28

On Friday we will do a city tour for up to 50 people and another activity. The details of the other activity are still TBD and we have various plans that are being further investigated.

City Tour '''Booked'''

  • Details?

Other Activities

  • Plan A:

    • Fotball / Games / Picnic in one of the closest parks:
  • Plan B:

    • Football match indoor: TODO: Need to change booking to Friday in the MMU|Sudgen|Castefields

    • BBQ: TODO:

      • International society not available anymore
      • Looking for new places in Castlefields (much better in my opinion)
  • Plan C:

    • Curry: TODO Found 2 big places but they are in City Center:

      • One of them is by MOSI
      • The other is Scene, in Spinningfields
  • Plan D:

    • Go out night: several options:
      • Bar to be opened below Aatma
      • Aatma (city centre, no wheelchair access)
      • The Pub/Zoo (dark club venue, no hire cost (£150 deposit), rubbish beer selection, might be closed for refurb)
      • ...

Sat 29

20th anniversary party, at MOSI

  • Venue is Booked

  • TODO: Need to confirm final numbers 2 weeks before the party for the catering

Sun 30

City tour, football match, followed by BBQ or curry

  • City Tour: Booked

  • Friday's Plan A, B, C, D depending on what we decide
  • Joshua Brooks
  • Women's Dinner - location TBD

We may also have a short Friends of GNOME event to thank our regular donors.

MOSI packages

  • Bronze
    • A glass of house wine on arrival
    • 1/2 bottle of house wine per person
    • 11.25 Per Person
  • Silver
    • A glass of sparkling wine on arrival
    • 1⁄2 bottle of house wine
    • 12.25 Per Person
  • Gold
    • A glass of prosecco on arrival
    • ½ bottle of house wine
    • After dinner liquor
    • 16.25 Per Person
  • Platinum
    • A glass of champagne on arrival
    • 1/2 bottle of house wine
    • After dinner liquor
    • 19.25 Per Person

We can also do drink tokens for the cash bar

Welcome drink, £4 per person Wine, peroni or local beers (Javier: I'd prefer this option): Manchester Ale or Two Hoots

Unconference days

Trip to the Peak District

Could maybe go to the Peaks on the last afternoon. Edale might be one possibility:

  • Trains are 45 minutes from Manchester Picadilly (£11.30 return). Hiring a bus could be an alternative.
  • The Rambler Inn is a big pub that's very close to the train station.


Places that have been suggested to us - would need investigating.


Please add your own ideas here!

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