Core team meeting 2017-07-17, at





  1. Merchandise & printing

  2. Birthday party, social events
  3. Newcomer activities & Engagement Stuff

  4. GitLab sponsorship

  5. Things to get
  6. Raffle

Meeting notes

Merchandize and printing

Final print numbers are 250 (270 for badges as we expect some wastage when trying to print names).

Everything that's going to be printed needs to be finalised Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest).

Emergency telephone number:

  • Sam has SIM card -- 07404 860994
  • Alberto will supply a phone

Are we happy with badge printing arrangements? Not discussed.

What's the umbrella situation? We gave up as we were looking at £10 per umbrella wholesale.

Lanyards and badge holders -- badge holders arrived, Codethink supplying enough lanyards now.

Sponsor banners:

  • it's hard to get logo sizes relative to sponsorship level and still loo nice
  • discussion of including sponsors who paid less than Bronze level on banner -- we have "Supporter" level, does everyone who sponsored something count as a "Supporter"?
  • Neil isn't here so we can't really decide on this

GitLab sponsorship

We will use GitLab's sponsorship to get drinks tokens for The Wharf, with the GitLab logo printed (need to check with GitLab).

Birthday party & social events


  • Lene has a supplier in mind, Sam also got a quote
  • Do we have a table big enough??

Sam has a potential DJ who would play for a small fee.

MOSI require our liability insurance certificate, and a PAT test certificate for the PA.

Food: do we have special dietary requirements? For the Uni canteen we mailed all registered folk asking if anyone has requirements other than vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. No responses so far so we can assume not. However we currently have 1 cheese and 1 meat main meal option at MOSI; what about vegan / gluten free? Lene will see if we can have 4 main course choices instead.

Purism have partly sponsored the event in order to demo their laptops, when will this happen? During the welcome drinks, they can have a table in the foyer. We'll ask them to arrive by 7 to set up.

Which events are child friendly? We need to check and update the website.

Newcomer activities

Generic newcomer flyers? Expensive to print so no.


The Qualcomm boards are in Westford, MA in the USA. Matthias Clasen doesn't have space to bring any, but Christian Schaller can bring at least some -- we'll see how many. We could bring more by throwing out the boxes, but this makes them appear unbranded.

Dell laptop -- shipment pending but unsure if we'll get it in time. Alberto to chase.

Merch could be another prize, i.e. a free t-shirt.

When will we do the raffle? At the 20th birthday party; people get tickets by answering questions on the quiz form correctly, with a max. 10 tickets per person.

Stuff to get

Water for speakers? We give everyone a reusable bottle for use with the water fountain at the venue. Some may want bottled water though so we'll get a crate and put a couple of bottles in each room.

See also:

Gifts for speakers -- Rhubarb and Custard sweets. Allan to get them.

A bell for announcing in the foyer when talks are starting. Sam to find something.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 24th July at 18:00 BST.

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