Things to get

This is a list of things that we ought to obtain for the conference. If you've got any them, please strike out the item and put your name by it.

  • Sticky notes (for the board meetings, GNOME Love wall, events box) - AllanDay

  • Marker pens (for the board meetings, GNOME Love wall, 3-4 for talk signups…) - AllanDay

  • 2000 raffle tickets (for the birthday party) - AllanDay

  • Sweets/other small treats to give out at the AGM - ordered by AllanDay; due to arrive at Codethink office 26/27 July

  • Blu tac - AllanDay

  • Tape - AllanDay

  • Printer paper?

  • Cable ties? (To put up signs on lamp posts, etc) JavierJardon

  • Generic stickers (maybe stars?) - to record points for the "house teams" - AllanDay

  • 8 poster tubes (to fit A3) - for posters that will be given to the advisory board JavierJardon

  • Water for speakers (a crate of small bottles)
  • Football JavierJardon

  • Power adaptors JavierJardon

  • Scissors JavierJardon

  • Pen drives / SD cards JavierJardon

  • Drum sticks (Chase music are near CT office)

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