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Meeting notes

[I missed the first ten minutes due to internet connectivity issues]

Newcomer activities

Idea of dividing everyone into "houses", various activities score points over the course of the conference, and at the end there's a prize for the winning house.

We need:

  • (Loose) rules on what scores points
  • Announcement during the opening of the rules
  • Announcement during the closing of the winners
  • A prize -- something like the pants which can be returned each year, like a big stuffed animal or something
  • House leaders
  • A way of keeping track of scores -- this is perhaps the hardest part

House would be decided by a symbol printed on your badge.

What could score points?

Some printing required for newcomer's activities:

  • "I'm a newcomer - talk to me" stickers that we can put on badges
  • Signs for newcomer lunch

Add these to to keep track.

Newcomer coffee breaks -- we have the breaks planned in the schedule already. Nuritzi will decide which ones can have newcomer activities in.

What about "No photo" stickers? Easy to do but hard to enforce -- we need to make sure that everyone at the conference is aware of them and respects them.

Or "No photo" zones? We can designate certain areas. We want to avoid people who don't want photos taken feeling like they're confised to certain spaces though. We could mention these in opening speech.

Android app for schedule

Last year produced an .xml file for use with "Giggity":

We can do this again.

Birthday party

Itinerary for party -- tracked in events spreadsheet:

Finishing time? We asked for a quote on extending the open time til 2AM - Lene will chase tomorrow.

Entertainment? What about a talent show made up from conference attendees? Which can score points for the relevant houses! Sounds good, but we need to communicate that we're doing it in advance.

Music -- collaborative playlist.

Food timing -- depends on us.

Social events

Website updates -- Nuritzi can help with updating

Friday -- The Wharf are only offering a buffet for £13.50 per head, not a barbeque as they are worried about rain cancellation. We wouldn't sponsor this, people would pay it themselves. No minimum spend, just £100 deposit.

Will the food quality be good enough if we have canteen lunches and buffet dinners each night?

The grass area nearby would be great for games and we could do them indoors if it rains. The place is big and we don't have an exclusive hire -- so hopefully we don't actually need to worry about minimum numbers

Walking tours -- we have a £125 deposit for each tour if people don't on these. Need to get people to sign up in advance to make sure there's enough interest?

Also need to think about where the tour ends, and what activities people who go on the tour will miss out on.

Sunday night event -- curry mile meals as planned.

What about Pie and Ale? Too small, but maybe on Monday or Tuesday.


Let's allocate £500 for merch that we'll sell on the info desk at a profit.

20th anniversary logo -- we should make stickers with this; plus T-shirts? Nuritzi will sort these separately using something like Zazzle, maybe just 1 or 2 T-shirts printed and then let people order more?

Code of conduct

Let's speak with the volunteers from last year.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 10th July at 18:00 BST.

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