Core team meeting 2017-04-10, in




  • Allan to seek out a designer for the merchandise & promo.

  • Allan to work on poster
  • Allan to send birthday party invites
  • Sam to mail board with how much money we need for accommodation and party deposits
  • Sam to contact University about venues

Meeting notes

Agenda: ongoing tasks from

20th birthday party invites

The invites are ready (thanks Andreas!), Allan will send tomorrow.


One/two confirmed, another waiting response.

A panel is also a possibility, Alberto will work with JRB and Frederico on this.

Accommodation deposit & birthday party deposit

These will have to be paid from the Foundation US account rather than our UK account.

Sam will mail board with how much money is needed so they can approve.

Evening events

We should get on with booking these.

Thursday night preregistration -- the Joshua Brooks isn't available. Allan has contacted Kro Bar on Oxford Road which might work well.

We haven't considered the University's venues -- they may have somewhere available for pre-reg.

We also still need to pick a Friday night venue. needs to be updated.


Sam has done a draft poster: and

Allan can look at improving this.

Gifts, merchandise & decorations

We have a sponsor interested in "goodie bags", and we already have some ideas for what to do with these.

We need T-shirts, banners, and things to go in/on the bags.

Ideally we will get a single designer to work on all this. Allan is looking for someone within GNOME. If this isn't fruitful we could also look outside the project and pay someone to do a nice job.

Later discussion of "goodie bags":

  • A nice cloth tote bag would be good, or we could have a simple paper bag or no bag at all if there's a small number of things
  • Vouchers from sponsors
  • Water bottles -- there is a water fountain at the venue
  • That's all for now, but we can think of more stuff


We have a second platinum sponsor!

We have a sponsor for breakfast on the Sunday.

A company has agreed to donate a laptop that we can include in the raffle.

More talks are ongoing.


Newcomer's workshop -- during the weekend, or on the Monday of the unconference days? What about having workshops as a separate track to the talks? Everything goes back to how many good paper submissions we have and how the schedule looks.

Kat is interested in leading the papers committee and producing the schedule, we should get her to to join a call.

We have 16 talks so far.

We should push the call for papers announcement over the next 2 weeks to ensure people remember.

It's also good to ask people who could give interesting talks directly, as they may not have thought of it.

  • Someone from Matrix?
  • People doing Flatpak packaging?
  • People from Rust community? (Rustconf itself is August 18th & 19th in Portland, USA)

  • Someone from OSTree?
  • more ideas welcome!

Next meeting

Next Monday (17th) is a bank holiday in the UK, not everyone is free.

We'll catch up in IRC later in the week.

Monday 24th we intend to m

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