Core team meeting 2017-02-13, in Google Hangout




  • Alberto to contact Linux Format & Linux Action Show

  • Alberto to work with Neil on sponsor search
  • Allan to contact engagement team about birthday party
  • Allan to check if the Foundation is willing to sign
    • sponsor contracts, or if we need to set up an entity here
  • Sam to invite Lene to next meeting (done)
  • Sam to keep pushing for registration to open, Allan
    • to provide input on design
  • Sam to contact Kate about next accommodation payment,
    • and viewing The Shed

Separate registration to-do list:

Meeting summary


Progress good, still need to solve:

  • identity server integration
  • design & layout issues

  • whether we should include statistics
  • deployment to

Announcement / promotion / outreach

We should focus on internet promotion first as international people need to book travel well in advance usually.

UK wide promotion slightly later (but at least 3 months in advance... so by May).


  • Linux Format magazine -- Alberto to contact
  • Linux Action Show -- Alberto to contact (has tried once)

  • Local coworking spaces -- a poster would be good for this
  • University cs depts -- poster would be good
  • Local computer shops -- a leaflet/poster

Contacting previous contributors

We want to invite previous contributors to the 20th birthday party event.

How do we identify who to contact?

We need more details about the event; but the venue depends on sponsorship partly so hard to include a location in the invite. We could pick a venue and see if the Foundation will agree to guarantee the funds in the case that we don't get a sponsor for it.

We should get the Engagement Team involved here.

Lene has done some event planning & could join one of our meetings

Sponsorship brochure

We have 1 sponsor already who have asked for details of events they could sponsor.

What options are there?

  • birthday party
  • snacks & drinks

    • during the bofs
    • during the core days
  • "swag", i.e. conference bags
  • raffle prizes -- we already have an offer of some devices that we
    • could raffle off
  • ice cream van (and/or waffles :-)

We should tie this down soon so we can put it in the brochure.

The Foundation will have a contract used in previous years.

Who is the agreement with? We don't have a legal entity here.

  • We could set one up ... apparently it's easy, and we did most of
    • the work already to get a bank account
  • Could the Foundation itself sign?

Next accommodation deposit

Due end of February. Maybe we can extend, since we've not been able to take any accommodation bookings due to registration not being open?


Sam contacted 1 person so far, no response.

Unconference days

We need to (re)visit The Shed in person to plan how these will work a bit better.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 20th February at 18:00 in <>.

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