Core team meeting 2017-02-08, in Google Hangout




Separate registration to-do list:

Meeting summary

*These minutes are incomplete due to internet connectivity issues*

Announcement / promotion / outreach

Two questions:

  • where to send the announcement
  • what message we send

"Where" ideas are collected here:

We want to promote the conference as something beyond just GNOME, and invite talks and attendees from the wider UK technology community. At the same time, we don't want to "mis-sell" the conference to people or stop it being useful for GNOME.

One thing we could do is ask for talk submissions as part of our outreach to other groups.

We don't need to block announcing the dates to foundation-announce@ on this, let's do that today.



Allan confirmed we can use the GNOME Foundation's existing PayPal account for registration fees.

Code of Conduct

We need a code of conduct before registration can open, so people know what they're agreeing to.

GNOME has a code-of-conduct working group but this is not ready for us to use yet.

The 2016 code of conduct seemed to work well enough and we are happy to reuse that.

Alberto is keen to have a separate "code of conduct team" at the conference with folk who are more experienced in this area than the local team. Last year the contacts included AllisonLortie and StefWalter (who were not on the local organising team). Local people are also needed on this team of course.

Call for Paper deadline

We have 23rd April listed as the CfP deadline. This was discussed in IRC and the date was given by Kat, but I can't remember the exact rationale. Allan thinks April 23rd is too early.

regcfp system

A test instance of regcfp is ready at

Rough to do list:

We are also keen to get registration open soon. The main driver is accommodation bookings: we have only a small number of rooms at the University available, and if these fill up early enough we might be able to secure more.

Allan has identified a number of design issues that we hadn't considered before, mainly that there are a lot of steps to reach the actual registration form, and various other options are presented along the way.


Neil McGovern is joining GNOME as Executive Director on the 15th February. Alberto will wait to involve Neil in future conversations with potential sponsors.

Bank account

The bank requested that Allan fill out a personal details form, which he's doing.

Conference brochure

All is quiet on the GNOME.Asia front -- we can't ask for sponsorship for that if we're not sure if the event will happen.

It's also not confirmed whether LAS will happen this year.


We will start contacting people. There have been no suggestions on the mailing list yet.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be Monday 13th, 18:00 UTC in

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