Team Reports at AGM 2017

If you were asked to represent your team at this year's Annual General Meeting, please read the following for what to expect and what we'll need from you.

What to send us before the AGM

Please send the following by July 14th to give us enough time to review and edit. You can send via email (to:, cc:, etherpad, or any other medium you see fit. All we need is the raw content. Make sure to keep Allan cc'd since he's the one putting the slides together.

We may end up providing feedback or edits as we are hoping to keep things fairly short and sweet so as to keep team presentations at around ~5 mins each.

Team accomplishments

What are 2 - 3 things that your team accomplished or worked on since last year's GUADEC? Why is it important to the GNOME project, or why is the accomplishment important? This is your chance to get people excited about what your team does and recruit new members. You may want to include next steps for those interested in participating.

Website & Wiki Refresh
Since last GUADEC, our website ( and the GNOME wiki received a major refresh. This is aligned with our goal of keeping the GNOME brand fresh and modern. Having both mediums look similar goes along with our goal of unifying the look and feel of GNOME. We'll be doing more of that in the upcoming year and are working on brand guidelines to help make it easier for those interested in working on GNOME design to begin. We haven't worked on a major content update of the website. If you're interested in working on this project, come to the Engagement BoF on Monday and


Are there any photos or visuals that you can share that are related to your team or what your team does? For example, screenshots, or pictures of your team at a hackathon, on a video conference call, etc.

Make sure to include the proper licensing information for your photos. See "recommended licensing")

Example Berlin Hackathon CC-BY-SA Janet Jordan at

Challenges or wishlist

Are there any challenges your team is facing? If there are many, highlight a few and point people out to a longer list. Since the AGM is a discussion, this could serve as food for thought on how the Foundation can help you, and it also might inspire audience members to help out.


Challenges for the Engagement Team

  • More newcomers initiatives: Carlos and Bastian have done amazing work on making it easier for technical newcomers to start contributing, but we need people to help us create a better newcomers experience for non-technical contributors
  • Global integration: GNOME Engagment planning has been very US and European-centered. We'd love to support our international communities better and have more global integration and are starting projects around that, but we need help!

During the AGM

Before the AGM, we will share the slide deck and coordinate with you so that you know when you will present. You will be called up on stage to give a 5 minute presentation. We are thinking of doing a lightning talk format, so make sure to keep it short or you'll be clapped off the stage!

Confirmed Presenters

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