AGM at GUADEC 2017

Planning for the GNOME Foundation Annual General Meeting, 2017.


Saturday, July 29th at 16:00. Brooks Building, Manchester Metropolitan University


What are some topics that you'd like to see covered in the AGM? This could be a list of general points for discussion.

  • What the Board does and how it can help you

Fun Factor

How can we make the AGM more fun and engaging? Put your name by your idea so we can ask you more about it. Keep in mind these are only ideas!

  • Prizes under seats: Oprah sometimes gives away cars to her audience members - we could too! Like a lego car or something. Basically, at the end of the conference we would tell people to feel under their seats and one lucky person would find a note stuck to the bottom of their seat saying they've won. (Nuritzi)

  • Points for Houses/Teams: If we end up splitting everyone up into different houses/teams during GUADEC, we may want to pepper a few questions for the audience throughout the AGM that will help them win points for their house/team. (Nuritzi)

  • Throwing prizes: Shaun has thrown Mallard balls out at audience members in previous years and people seem to really enjoy that. Is there something we could throw out? Maybe we can make some SWAG items that can be meant for throwing out at AGMs and speaking events. (Nuritzi)

  • Skits. Instead of just saying what the Board does / how we can help, we could act it out. p.s. I don't particularly like acting, but... it could be fun? (Nuritzi)


Slide deck (PDF)

Part I - Welcome

  • Welcome and introduction - ED
    • Introduction to the Foundation - what it's for, what it does
    • AGM introduction - purpose of the meeting, overview
  • Board of Directors 2017-18 - ED
    • Introduce the new board members and officers
    • Thank outgoing directors
  • Foundation update - president
  • Financial report - treasurer
  • Present committees for 2017-18 - introduced by the president
  • Committees presentations - introduced by the president
  • Team reports - introduced by the president

    • Translations
    • Docs
    • Sysadmin
    • Design
    • Release
    • Engagement
  • Pants - President

Part II - Group photo & break

Everyone to participate in the group photo and have a 5 minute break

Part III - Q&A

  • Board Q&A - introduced by the ED


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