Release Team BoF

Current release team members:

  • Matthias Clasen (will be there)
  • Fred Peters (will be there)
  • Javier Jardón (will be there, have to leave at ~11 though)
  • Andre Klapper (will be there)
  • Colin Walters
  • Olav Vitters
  • ...

Non-release team members who want to help:

Estimated duration: a few hours


  • New release team members: We're in serious need for rejuvenation, some of us feel the burn out of 6 major releases
  • New technologies: Are we making best use of / continuous ? Whats next for that ?
  • Feature process: We haven't really been doing it this cycle - everybody seemed tired of it. What to do instead ?
  • Future directions: What is the goal for 3.16/18 ?


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