Release Team Membership

(Alphabetical Order)

  • Abderrahim - gnome-build-meta maintenance, doing releases
  • AndreKlapper - setting up release cycle schedule; tracking incoming bugs + marking blocker bugs + sending mail about them; trying to keep an eye on user docs and L10N

  • JavierJardon - doing releases, GNOME CI infrastructure, gnome-build-meta metadatada maintenance, gnome-build-meta CI, project wide tasks (GnomeGoals), review freeze break requests

  • JeremyBicha - doing releases, downstream packaging

  • JordanPetridis - gnome-build-meta maintenance, GNOME CI infrastructure, GNOME Nightlies Maintainer

  • MatthiasClasen - doing releases; scanning incoming bugs; tracking blocker bugs and sending mail about them.

  • MichaelCatanzaro - doing releases

  • SophieHerold - managing app categorization reviews and QA

  • TristanVanBerkom - managing BuildStream

When members leave the release team, they should be added to the emeritus section

Please do not email any of us directly. Contact us on Discourse.

The release team is not directly elected, but should be representative of the GNOME community. Membership is normally by invite and recommendation when one person leaves. In theory, the GNOME Foundation board has the power to select its members and influence its decisions, but they usually don't fix stuff if it isn't broken. Not more than 40% of release-team members can directly or indirectly have the same affiliate (similar to section 2.d of the GNOME foundation bylaws).

A member usually leaves the release team when he feels he's not useful anymore or when he has not been active for two development cycles. When leaving, he looks for someone to replace him. Avoiding stagnation (ie, release team with always the same members) would also be great, so if you feel you can help the release team by joining, you can ask around you if it's a good idea and it might just happen.

Release Team Emeritus

Here is a list of people who were in the release team in the past. They all have been helpful and have a good experience, so they are entitled to stay subscribed, or resubscribe, to the release-team mailing list and share their opinions. (Luis is a good example of someone who has done this, and has been very helpful in doing so.) They don't directly participate in release team decisions, though.

(Please keep this list in reverse chronological order of the date they left the team. FIXME: Please correct the order if you know better; we're not certain about the order beyond the first half-dozen or so.)

  • EmmanueleBassi

  • OlavVitters

  • KjartanMaraas

  • ColinWalters

  • FredericPeters

  • LucaFerretti

  • AlejandroPiñeiro

  • Vincent Untz
  • Lucas Rocha
  • Frédéric Crozat
  • Karsten Bräckelmann
  • John Palmieri
  • Elijah Newren
  • Jeff Waugh
  • Federico Mena-Quintero
  • Luis Villa
  • Jonathan Blandford
  • Murray Cumming
  • Mark McLoughlin

  • Andrew Sobala
  • Glynn Foster
  • Mikael Hallendal
  • Calum Benson
  • John Fleck
  • Sander Vesik
  • Seth Nickell
  • Michael Meeks
  • Gregory Leblanc
  • Jody Goldberg
  • Telsa Gwynne
  • Maciej Stachowiak
  • Leslie Proctor
  • Ian T. Peters
  • Dan Mueth
  • Jamin P. Gray
  • Karl Gaffney
  • Greg Corrin
  • Jacob Berkman

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