Meeting of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors, 23 March 2020, 14:30 UTC





  • Meeting schedule
  • Foundation mission/vision
  • Form working groups
  • Committee requirements


  • Meeting schedule
    • Deferred until we have more directors present.
  • Foundation mission/vision
    • Deferred until we have more directors present.
  • Form working groups
    • Allan: We can turn these into two groups, a strategy one and a policy one. My proposal is that the strategy group works on the mission/vision question and the 18-month strategy for the Foundation, while the policy one works on things like the policy for conference approvals and whether to turn the release team into a committee (

    • Tristan: This would define who does what in working sessions.
    • Allan: Do we want the groups to be non-overlapping?
    • Neil: Maybe we should just ask for volunteers rather than appointing them.
    • Allan: Let's go around the room.
      • Federico: (after some discussion) I would like to work on policy, project governance, initiatives.
      • Rob: Strategy.
      • Tristan: Policy, things around the release team becoming a committee. I will need to schedule with a convenient time with Federico in regard to time zones.
        • Neil: A lot of that does not need to be done in person; it can be in GitLab comments or other asynchronous discussions.

      • Allan: Split down the middle, probably most useful around the strategy side right now.
      • Allan: I will send out an introductory email to each group once I have talked to Philip, Britt, and Carlos.
  • Committee requirements
    • Allan: Philip has drafted a proposal for minimum requirements for committees.
    • Tristan already suggested an amendment to the proposal in the draft document.
    • VOTE: Adopt the draft as expectations for committees.

      • +1 unanimous
    • ACTION - Allan to put the approved draft on the wiki, in the committees page.

    • ACTION - Allan to mail committees to inform them of the requirements page.


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