Foundation Committees

Committees are created by the Board of Directors to carry out functions on behalf of the GNOME Foundation. The board appoints members to each committee, whose membership is required to be annually renewed. Each committee has certain powers which are delegated to it by the board.

The GNOME Foundation currently has three committees.


The GNOME Sponsorship Committee is responsible for ensuring corporate sponsorship for GNOME events and conferences. A representative from each of the main conferences (GNOME.Asia, GUADEC, LAS) will be appointed in order to provide a bridge of support to the local teams.

Committee responsibilities:

  • Maintain a list of contacts and entities whom we have a relationship with
  • Work with event organizers to coordinate sponsorship levels and perks
  • Provide quarterly reports to the GNOME Foundation board
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

The committee is able to do the following on behalf of the Board:

  • Issue sponsorship agreement forms
  • Make statements on behalf of the GNOME Foundation, relating to events sponsorship
  • Issue invoices for events sponsorship

These responsibilities and powers were granted to the Sponsorship Committee on 26 September 2017.


The Travel Committee allocates travel sponsorship funding.

Membership & Elections

The Membership and Elections Committee processes membership applications, maintains the members list and conducts Foundation elections

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