Foundation Board Minutes for Tue, September 27th 2016, 17:00 UTC

Next meeting date October 4th 2016, 17:00 UTC



  • Allan Day
  • Meg Ford
  • Alexandre Franke
  • Jim Hall
  • Cosimo Cecchi
  • Nuritzi Sanchez
  • Rosanna Yuen



Agenda for 2016-09-27

  • Jeff's email about Montreal Summit (Meg)
  • Cosimo's email about privacy internships (Allan)
  • Marina's email about Outreachy projects (Meg)
  • Michael Schumacher's email about LGM reimbursement (Meg)
  • LAS GNOME report? (Allan)


The following section is part of the Agenda and includes items which have seen updates in the last 30 days. Items which have been updated more than 30 days ago are listed under the "Ongoing but stalled" section.

  • Sponsorship of Outreachy intern for December 2016
  • Flatpak store
  • From the mailing list - "support my volunteer program"
  • Owncloud shared calendar for the board
  • ED search update
  • Google Play account
  • Status of logo copyright
  • Bitcoins donations data
  • Conference sponsorships
  • Friends of GNOME
  • Google ad grant
  • Sysadmin fundraising levels and perks
  • Web page for prior pants winners
  • Privacy campaign funds
  • Money raised for defense against Groupon
  • Standard code of conduct for GNOME annual events
  • Paypal Giving Fund


  • Jeff's email about Montreal Summit
    • Jeff's recommendation is to still try and hold it as a local event
    • Venue is free, so there should not be any costs for the foundation
    • It may be that having two events close in North America is too much -- LAS GNOME has had an effect on this
    • ACTION: Cosimo to get back to Jeff with the recommendation that we still hold it as a local event
  • Cosimo's email about privacy internships
    • This is moving along, please read the proposal on the mailing list and offer comments/feedback
    • ACTION: Cosimo will follow up to Allan's questions, with the goal of setting up a committee and its email alias by the end of this week
  • Marina's email about Outreachy projects
    • Federico has an intern from an indigenous Mexican community that could work on GNOME translations
    • Marina would like to know if the Board thinks this is an acceptable task for Outreachy
      • At some point in the past it was decided to only accept internships for projects with sufficient priority
    • It does not feel like the Board should be involved too much with this decision
      • The Board is not opposed to this, and this project can be prioritized with all the others
    • ACTION: Meg to get back to Marina with our input


This section includes items which have seen an update in the last 30 days. Format is "YYYY-MM-DD, action|discussion|abstract" for this and subsequent minutes sections

  • Flatpak store
    • 2016-08-30
      • There's an idea of a central store where people can upload Flatpak apps, and users would get it from the store, rather than getting it from the distribution
      • The Board voted to get behind this project officially, and give Allan permission to reach out to other organizations on our behalf
    • 2016-09-06 - Allan has had some initial conversations with the Flatpak team. Next step is to check in with the sysadmin team (still not done).
    • 2016-09-13 - Allan has checked in with the sysadmins and they think there's capacity to get started. Next step is to reach out to partners.
  • From the mailing list - "support my volunteer program" (Allan)
    • 2016-08-30
      • There's very little information in the message, unclear how they're related to GNOME
      • ACTION: Shaun to reply asking for more information
  • Owncloud shared calendar for the board
    • 2016-05-23, ACTION: Allan will try if it's functional enough for us to use it now
    • 2016-06-06, Allan's tried it and reminders don't seem to work. Needs to follow up.
    • 2016-06-20, Since it works for Andrea, but not for Allan, help would be welcome from someone else for testing.
    • 2016-08-10
      • Cosimo tested creating an event, but with mixed results
      • ACTION: Cosimo to take it on from here
    • 2016-09-06 - Allan has started a list of reoccuring events on the wiki -

  • ED search update
    • 2016-08-10, The search is still ongoing
  • Google Play account
    • 2015-12-01, ACTION: Alexandre to follow up with the Release Team about this
    • 2015-12-08, Alexandre mailed the Release Team today, still waiting for an answer.
    • 2015-12-15 to 2016-01-19, No updates.
    • 2016-02-02, Release team did not come to an agreement/conclusion. Unclear what next steps should be
    • 2016-08-10, ACTION: Allan to send out feelers to d-d-l and talk to r-t in person at GUADEC to get the ball rolling again
    • 2016-09-06
    • 2016-09-27
  • Status of logo copyright
    • 2015-12-01, ACTION: Shaun to send out email to d-d-l with proposal
    • 2015-12-08 to 2016-01-19, No updates.
    • 2016-02-02, Shaun will try to pick it up this week
    • 2016-08-10, ACTION: Shaun will send a proposal to licence the asset with dual LGPLv3/CC-BY-SA-4.0 (similar to adwaita-icon-theme)
  • Bitcoins donations data
    • Tobi is the only person with access to the Bitcoin donations data
    • 2016-02-23, ACTION: Alexandre to get in touch with him about this
    • 2016-03-01, Account is on BitPay using

    • 2016-08-10
      • Board voted to shut down the account, since we can't report those as donations. Bitcoin does not allow to trace the sender, which is required to report the donations to the IRS
      • ACTION: Rosanna to shut down the account
      • ACTION: Allan to remove the option from our website
  • Conference sponsorships
    • 2016-08-10
      • ACTION: Kat to make sure that a sponsorship brochure with all conference, levels, combinations and perks is available for the Board to review
    • 2016-09-06
      • ACTION: Nuritzi to get in touch with Kat about this
  • Friends of GNOME
    • 2016-04-11, ACTION: Alexandre to request more information about the donation data from the European donations system (Wau Holland Stiftung Foundation)
    • 2016-08-10
      • ACTION: Allan to get in touch with Tobi and the sysadmin team to migrate the FoG infrastructure over to GNOME
      • ACTION: Meg volunteers to monitor the account for the time being

  • Google ad grant
    • 2016-08-10
      • ACTION: Shaun will pick this up again and try to register us into the program when he's back in the US
      • The actual ad campaigns would probably need to be managed by the Engagement/Marketing team
      • ACTION: Nuritzi to discuss with the Engagement Team and let the board know if they want to start using Google ad
  • Sysadmin fundraising levels and perks
    • 2016-08-10, ACTION: Nuritzi to take on this project and figure out what it entails
  • Web page for prior pants winners
    • 2016-08-10, ACTION: Shaun and Allan to add the web page
  • Privacy campaign funds
    • 2016-08-10: New plan
      • ACTION: Cosimo to hold an unconference session during GUADEC to generate a shortlist of ideas, with a view to contracting them out to a consulting firm
    • 2016-08-30
      • Long list of proposals:

      • Notes from the GUADEC session:

      • ACTION: Allan will check whether the person working on the seahorse redesign can do it without any additional resources
      • Board agreed to open up the funds to individuals, rather than company bids. Current idea is to make a special internship round, possibly with three interns
        • ACTION: Cosimo to put together a proposal that includes this feedback, with the goal of circulating it to the community/vote ideas/etc, and run it by the Board
    • 2016-09-06
      • Allan and Cosimo have been in touch with Daiki, who is interested in having an intern to work on the new Passwords and Keys application
      • Cosimo is working on the internship proposal. Will hopefully circulate it to the Board before next week
    • 2016-09-27
      • Draft is out for the Board to review and give feedback
      • ACTION: Cosimo to try and form a committee to review internship proposals
  • Money raised for defense against Groupon
    • Kat to draft a call for Free Desktop-style hackfests which would be sponsored with money raised for defence against Groupon
    • 2016-09-06
      • We probably don't want to track exactly this money flow, but the initiatives that the Board has been pursuing (Flatpak, LAS GNOME) are good fits for the original intent this money was kept for
      • We can consider making a PR or some other form of announcement about how we're currently making use of this money
  • Paypal Giving Fund
    • Alexandre suggested in december 2015 to get us enrolled in the program
      • That would give us exposure. For example Humble bundle allows to direct the charity part of purchases towards any of their participants
    • Zana tried to get us in sometime before may 2016, we never heard back.
    • 2016-09-06
      • ACTION: Zana to look into it.

Ongoing but stalled

This section includes items which haven't seen an update in the last 30 days.

Ongoing but no director assigned

This section includes items which haven't seen an update in the last 30 days and have no Director assigned

Nice to have

This section includes items which we would love to see happen at some point but lack the time to effectively become reality

  • Contract template for future use organizations for which we handle money
    • Kat to draft this
  • Privacy policy for GNOME services
    • Current draft is at

    • Sysadmin Team's NDA should also be covered when dealing with this item
    • Kat or Allan to write up the policy
    • Kat or Allan to write up recommended wording for distribution privacy policies, regarding the behaviour of GNOME software
  • Photography policy for GNOME conferences
    • Proposal needs to be drafted and sent to foundation list for discussion
    • Should probably be addressed at the same time as a standardised code of conduct

Discussed on the mailing list

Completed actions

  • Sponsorship of Outreachy intern for December 2016 (mailing list thread titled "Outreachy sponsorship") (Allan)
    • Marina sent an email to the Board asking for budget approval for one intern in December. It's $6500
    • 2016-09-13
      • Board voted to commit dedicated funding of $6500 for an Outreachy intern in case no other company commits dedicated funding on GNOME's behalf
      • ACTION: Nuritzi to get back to Marina
  • Standard code of conduct for GNOME annual events
    • 2016-08-23
      • Board voted to charge the Diversity working group of proposing a code of conduct
    • 2016-09-27
      • Diversity WG will get back to the Board with a proposal. This is removed from the ongoing items for now.

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