Minutes for Tuesday, September 15th, 2015, 19:00 UTC

Next meeting date Tuesday, September ??th, 2015, 19:00UTC


  • Shaun McCance

  • Rosanna Yuen
  • Cosimo Cecchi
  • Christian Hergert
  • Allan Day
  • Jeff F. T.


  • Ekaterina Gerasimova
  • Andrea Veri


Board meeting

  • Revisit meeting time?
    • Since the current time was decided to help the european people joining, it doesn't seem to work. Should we revisit?
    • ACTION: Shaun to bring that up to the mailing list
  • Discussion of Pam's email regarding Ubuntu GNOME
    • Ubuntu GNOME already are running with it; we did not tell them not to use the logo so they're already using it
    • They implemented the feedback we gave them months ago.
    • Other distros do not always use the GNOME logo and name, so it's a case peculiar to Ubuntu GNOME
    • This case is different because the name is combined with the Ubuntu one, as opposed to just using the logo to advertise they're using GNOME software
    • We need to officially license the logo if we want to keep being able to defend our trademark
    • Foundation would not really be able to answer the question of defining exactly what constitutes GNOME
    • ACTION: Allan to follow up with Pam about where this need for definition comes from, possibly set up an IRC meeting
      • Will try to dodge answering that specific question
  • Need to contact Pam for trademarks needing renewal?
    • ACTION: Jeff will talk to Pam about this since she's a trademark lawyer --> DONE

  • GNOME logo use by podiatrist (Shaun)
    • Shaun wasn't able to find copyright status of our logo yet
    • Legitimate in trademark terms
    • We can ask about attribution
  • Trademark-infringing swag (Cosimo)
    • Asked Karen for advice
  • Logo usage for tshirts
    • No news on Alexandru Cojocaru's request from 8/25
    • ACTION: Cosimo to reply to him saying we're looking into it
  • Hellotux still moving, need more iterations
    • Still need more information from them
    • ACTION: Allan will reach out directly to them and shorten the communication loop
  • Freedesktop hackfests with Groupon money (Kat)
    • Deferred until Kat is here
  • Privacy funds hackfest (Sri, Christian)
    • No news
  • GUADEC 2016
  • Annual report
    • It's pretty much done; in the hands of Andreas to layout
    • Would be nice to have printed copies for Sri's presentation next week.
      • Sri would need to look into this himself, as it's really close
    • Want to have them in time for Boston Summit in any case
    • Primary audience is AdBoard in any case. How did we distribute these in the past?

      • AdBoard meeting preferred way of doing it. Prior to them we mailed it to them.

      • If we mail, would be best to do from a single location. Rosanna could do it, but she needs physical addresses for AdBoard members which we don't have currently

      • Should also send them out to potential future members
      • ACTION: Jeff to fish addresses

Discussed on the mailing list

  • Business cards

Completed actions

  • Jeff to follow up with Federico about the wooden foot gift experiment

Pending action items

  • Kat to draft a call for Free Desktop-style hackfests which would be sponsored with money raised for defence against Groupon
  • Logo usage for t-shirts: Jeff to carry on with the process and follow up and have some general guidelines written down for future cases
  • Podiatrist possible trademark infringement: Shaun to check the trademark details for the GNOME logo and update the licensing page on the website
  • Allan to make a proposal for a different way to use the wiki/etherpad for action items, instead of using kanboard
  • Jeff to get advisory board contact details from Karen. If this fails, we need to start developing our own contacts and record them on the wiki.
  • Create a webpage for prior pants winners (Shaun and Allan)
  • Cosimo to follow up in the upcoming meetings and prepare a version of the CoC to be finally considered final over all the GNOME yearly events
  • Kat to draft a proposal for a privacy policy for review
  • Kat to draft a contract template for future use organizations for which we handle money
  • Kat to propose privacy bounty T&C/rules for review

  • Andrea to write the Privacy policy for GNOME services
  • Allan will look at gnome-software privacy issues from a legal standpoint
  • Cosimo to draft a proposal for the photography policy at GNOME conferences to discuss on foundation-list
  • Christian to investigate the GNOME gifts situation
  • Sri to coordinate with engagement team to better standardize the licensing of GNOME artwork
  • Jeff to find existing fundraising brochure/proposal documents and come up with one for fundraising for a sysadmin

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