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Event Overview

Add a sentence or two about the conference and why it's important for GNOME to have a presence there.

Important Dates

  • [DATE] CFP Opens

  • [DATE] Deadline for abstracts/proposals submissions

  • [DATE] Last date for notification of acceptance

  • [DATE] Conference starts

GNOME Activities

Add things that you plan on doing there. Here are some examples:

  • GNOME Booth: manned by the listed attendees. We already have a branded table cloth and some banners but will print some new signs.

  • Speaker: Christian Hergert: Flatpak, the easiest, fastest, and safest software distribution platform

  • Shirts to sell: We have some shirts to sell. We ordered them from customink and based the designs off of this year's FOSDEM design and will sell them for $15 USD (Foundations members can get them for $10 USD).

  • SWAG: We have GNOME stickers, flyers, and brochures. We will go around to the Open SUSE and Fedora booths before the conference to get stickers and display them on our table.

  • Release video: We will have the latest release video playing on loop on a monitor to attract attention.

  • Demos: We are going to demo Fedora 25 and Endless OS on two computers we have on hand.


Add any costs that you'd like reimbursed (this will help us set our a budget for next year's event and will help future organizers as well). You'll need to get approval from the Board for these first. Remember to see if there's a SWAG center near you that can send you stuff you need. Here's an example of how to fill this section out:

  • 100 Flyers and print outs = $50 USD
  • 25 balloons = $5 USD
  • 2 shirts for GNOME volunteers = $20 USB
  • TOTAL = $75 USD

Pictures from event


Add some thing here after the event that you think would be good for future coordinators to keep in mind. Here are some examples:

  • Bring a credit card reader: We should bring a credit card reader next time we sell shirts at a event. A few people were unable to make a purchase because they did not have cash on them.

  • Coordinate schedules: We had a great spot this year and lots of people stopped by our booth. This meant that we had to have about 3 people staffing the booth at all times. We should try to coordinate schedules better next time so that we are also able to participate more in the conference.

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