Targeted Events & Conferences 2017

These are the events we are targeting in 2017. These are events that are strategic for us to participate in, either because we want exposure for GNOME there, or because community members are located close by. These are events that we want to allocate resources towards.

Besides our 3 conferences (GUADEC, GNOME.Asia, and LAS GNOME), these are events that we do not organize ourselves. Events that we organize ourselves can be found here:


We encourage community members to attend these events on behalf of GNOME. If you're going, let us know so we can help you. Follow the event page link and add your name to the list of either "interested" or "attending" sections. You can contact the Engagement team ( for help planning a presence or knowing how to talk about GNOME there. You can also see if there's a SWAG center near you to help.

Add to our list

If you think there is an event missing, please add it to the list.

If you plan on attending an event, please create a page for it. You can follow some of the other examples for how to create an event page, but here's an event page template you can copy and paste to make things easier. Please use the "[/EventName | Event Name]" structure so that we can properly organize event pages on the wiki.








  • GUADEC (UK) - placeholder for calendering purposes

  • FISL




  • OSCON London - looking for attendees
  • GNOME.Asia - Oct 14-Oct 16 in Chongqing China

  • All Things Open - 23rd - 24th in Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Freenode Live - 28th - 29th in Bristol, UK
  • Open Source India - looking for attendees


  • Hackbeach (Kovalam, IN) - looking for attendees


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