• GNOMECAT is a new tool for translators that aims to be a substitute of GTranslator. It was started during last summer as part of GSoC program and it's going to be finished this summer again as part of GSoC program. It needs some review on some parts and the redesign of another parts of the application.


  • Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro (Lead Developer)


High Level Goals

  • Provide a simple solution but where advanced users can found useful information.

Open/New File/Project View

  • We can open files, recent files, folders (projects) and recent folders.
  • We can download a file from Damned Lies through some kind of Damned Lies desktop interface.
  • We can create new projects.

Translate View

  • Navigate list of translatable strings.
  • Be able to do and undo editions.
  • Be able to save files.
  • Be able to upload files to Damned Lies platform with a certain comment.
  • Search and replace on translatable strings.
  • Clearly mark difference between translated, fuzzy, and untranslated strings.
  • Display status of file (total number of strings, number of translated, untranslated, and fuzzy strings, and percent complete).
  • Show comments about original string and comments about translated string.
  • Provide a path for the user to discover location of string in the code (does not need to be a part of the main interface).
  • Show available suggestions to the current translation (translation memory)
  • Show info, warning or error hints about a string. This hints provide useful information for the translator like if the string has a missing dot.
  • A solution to edit messages with plurals.
  • A solution to be able to use a glossary.

Preferences View

  • The preference menu should allow to edit plugins, profiles and other options.
  • There are two different kinds of profiles (Damned Lies profiles and simple profiles) the solution should allow to edit both.

Relevant Art


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Qt Linguist

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Translator Tentative Design

Project view

Translate view

Preferences view


Tentative Design

Preferences View


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