Note Synchronization

Since Tomboy 0.7.3, you can synchronize your notes between multiple computers using SSH, WebDAV, or any shared mount on your file system. This area of the wiki originally housed early notes, development checklists, and ideas for the original implementation of this feature. It is currently being reorganized to plan for the next steps of Tomboy Note Synchronization.

tomboy-ng provides only the shared mount synchronization but also provides a somewhat experimental sync to Tomdroid.

Features Added in Tomboy 1.0 and 1.2

  • Automatic synchronization was first added in 1.2, but has many improvements planned for 1.4 (the old Apps/Tomboy/Synchronization/Background page may still be relevant).

  • A REST API and associated sync addin usable in Tomboy 0.14.x and later.

  • Projects/Snowy, an online service for viewing, sharing, and eventually editing your notes. It serves as a reference implementation of the REST API, and is meant to power a hosted free web service called Tomboy Online.

We sometimes used this area of the wiki to plan the development of these wicked new features.

Synchronization server software

Several sync server implementations exist for you to install on your server:

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