If you know all about tomboy-ng, you may want to proceed straight to the Download and Install page. But its likely you really should read a bit more here, especially if your notes are precious to you. If you use a Gnome 3 based Linux distribution or want to try out the 64bit Mac release, you MUST read known issues.

Bugs and Known Issues

Trouble Shooting

What is tomboy-ng ?

Tomboy-ng is a rewrite of tomboy attempting to duplicate its critical features but deliver an easier to install and easier to maintain system. Key features include -

  • Links between notes to help you organise and find your information.
  • A range of font features including size, bold and italic.
  • Synchronization between machines running tomboy.

  • Notebooks to consolidate your notes in groups.
  • Quick and easy to use.

For a detailed look at what tomboy-ng can do and might do in the future, please see tomboy-ng features features.

Is it all ready to go ?

Absolutely not ! This project started late 2017 when we realised that the existing tomboy was starting to look a little fragile. The technology chosen, FPC and Lazarus has been described as 'surprising' and it has a long way to go. If you need a stable, reliable note taker that just works, choose traditional tomboy if you can. Its tried and tested over many years and was exceptionally well designed right from the start. Chose tomboy-ng if you'd like to help test a new and possibly buggy product or, perhaps just because you want a file compatible tomboy on a platform that is a problem for tomboy.

In either case, if you use tomboy-ng -

  • please report any problems,
  • understand there will almost certainly be bugs.
  • understand that its not complete.

Why a new or alternative tomboy ?

While tomboy is stable and efficient code, it depends on some libraries that are becoming problematic on the desktop platforms tomboy aims at. A Mac version has not been available for some time and the Windows install is not without its issues. Even Linux distributions are leaving tomboy out of default installs, reportedly due to the size of those libraries, libraries that only tomboy needs.

However, some tomboy users believe that the ideas behind it are more significant than one code base. Tomboy-ng is an attempt to deliver the key features but rewritten using Free Pascal and Lazarus. This approach is proving promising, a single code base for Mac, Windows and Linux means easier maintenance and pre-existing components such as KControls means less code to maintain specifically for this application.

A major benefit is the resulting executable binary is only 4Meg or so big and has no dependencies (on Mac, Windows and GTK based Linux) making for an easy install.

You can see how tomboy-ng is built and how you can help this process on the tomboy-ng technology page. Please consider !

So, tomboy-ng is all about keeping tomboy alive.

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