To Do

Personal task manager for GNOME

Thanks for joining us at creating the world's best personal task management app! Join us in #gnome-todo chatroom at the GNOME IRC network - this is our informal communitcation channel.

Before We Begin…

GNOME To Do uses GitLab to manage its issues. Click here for the list of issues.

Our favorite tool from GitLab is The Board:



The GNOME Newcomers Guide already provides a great introduction to the development workflow. We encourage you to check it out.


Testing GNOME To Do is one of the easiest, and yet most desired, ways to get involved. We use Flatpak to distribute bleeding edge builds of To Do.


Status: QA

Open The Board and find out the "Status: QA" column. The tasks in this column are the tasks that need someone to test them.


The Tasks

Pick a task and open it. In the Description, you should look for the QA Tasks section. This is the list of tests that must be executed before this issue can be considered fixed, or this feature is completed.


Drop Your Feedback

After testing and making sure everything works (or not) as expected, leave your feedback so we can fix the issues you found, or close the ticket. Congratulations, you just accomplished your first contribution!

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