Third Party Plugins for Rhythmbox

This page contains links to third party plugins for Rhythmbox. If you have your own, or know of any others, please add them here. For information on plugins included with Rhythmbox, look at plugins. If you are interested in writing your own plugins, please look at the plugin writing guide to get started.

Before adding a link to your plugin here, please ensure that the plugin information file (*.rb-plugin or *.plugin) contains valid contact information - at least your name and email address. This allows users to give you feedback and help you improve your plugin.

Please only link to full self-contained plugins here. If you have a modification to one of the plugins included in Rhythmbox, please file a bug in the issue tracker and create a merge request. If you have a modification to one of the plugins listed here, it's better to send your changes to the author of the plugin.

Links to plugins without sufficient contact information and to things that aren't plugins will be removed.

Rhythmbox 3 Plugins

10 Band Equalizer

10 band equalizer for Rhythmbox.

Searches the web for the album art of the currently playing song using Google image search APIs. From the resulting images, one can then choose an image to set as album art.

Alternative Toolbar

Replace the Rhythmbox large toolbar with a Client-Side Decorated or Compact Toolbar which can be hidden.


Allows to stream music directly from an instance of an Ampache music streaming server.

Android remote

It allows to remote control Rhythmbox with Banshee remote Android application.

Beets Web

Rhythmbox plugin for accessing a Beets music library using its web API.


Very simple plugin that hides the rhythmbox window instead of exiting it once the quit button is clicked by the user. However, it does not create any additional icon in the systray that messes up the theme and look. Instead, rhythmbox nicely blends into environments like Cinnamon (beware that if your desktop environment does not provide the way to interact with your music player via MPRIS, you will not be able to put rhythmbox back into foreground once you have closed it).


Rhythmbox plugin for Ubuntu to really close the application when the close button (x) is clicked. This brings back the true Gnome Rhythmbox experience.

Countdown Playlist

Create playlists from your music collection using keywords for a defined duration.

CoverArt Browser

Browse your music collection by the Cover-art of all albums. Covers are displayed as icons and you can play, queue and search for new covers.

CoverArt Search Providers

Drop in replacement for the default ArtSearch Plugin. Allows you to control where to get your coverart, provides new internet coverart options and has many bug-fixes not included in the default ArtSearch plugin.

Desktop Coverart

This plugin shows album cover art for the current playing song in Rhythmbox on the desktop. Control rhythmbox from the shown album art.


DRC for Rhythmbox delivers the complete functionality to measure a room response, create a correction filter and apply it to music playback to do real digital room correction.

File Organizer

Organise your music library. Fileorganizer will move and rename files according to your tags and then update the database so you don't lose your ratings and play counts. It will also back up duplicates and move files like album art with your files.

Fullscreen Cover Art+Playlist Plugin

Allows you to enter a full screen mode with album art, simple play list functionality and a very smooth, simplistic dark-themed look.

Jump to playing

Adds a context menu entry and a toolbar button to jump to the playing song.

Jump to Window

It's very similar to the 'Jump to File' feature in Winamp, including the ability to enqueue a song.

Google Stats

Imports play counts and ratings from the Google Music service

LastFM Extension Plugin

Add some LastFM related functionality to Rhythmbox: love/ban buttons, playcount sync and loved tracks sync.

NEW feature! ~ Track Fingerprinting: Match your tracks against LastFM database and retrieve it's info. Queue

Port of the 0.x plugin with the same name. Chooses the next song to queue based on the currently played track. Makes use of recommendations.


Loop part of the song.


Displays lyrics for the current playing song in the right sidebar.


Adds an option to open the folder containing the selected track(s) to the right click context menu.

Parametric Equalizer

Parametric equalizer for Rhythmbox with support for up to 64 free configurable Bands. is a rhythmbox plugin allowing to create playlists from scrobbles.

Playlists import/export

This plugin performs batch import/export of playlists from/to a selected folder. Export first (!) because importing deletes all static playlists. This functionality is particularly useful for backup and synchronization to other machines.

Pod Queuer

Adds podcasts to Play Queue in release date order and remembers their playback position.


Allows you to find and play internet radio stations. In addition, it can rip music tracks from these streams as MP3 files

Random Album Player

This plugin for Rhythmbox queues a random album and plays it immediately.


Adds rating filters to the library browser, allowing you to filter favourite or unrated tracks.

Remember The Rhythm

Plugin to remember the last playing song, source (radio station, playlist), browser values (genre, album, artist)


Adjust the pitch, tempo, or speed of the currently playing track. As of December 18, 2011, rbpitch is in beta status for Rhythmbox 3.x, and stable status for Rhythmbox 0.13.x.

Rhythmbox Hide

Enabled rhythmbox to start hidden or minimized

Rhythmbox Microblogger

send notice about current music to a microblogging service from Rhythmbox (currently supports twitter and identica)


A mobile web interface, which allows you to control Rhythmbox from a mobile or any other modern webbrowser.


Allows you to control Rhythmbox by internet web-browsing


Icon in system tray for Rhythmbox - forward, next, play, pause, quit, volume control, minimize to tray, closing prevention, quick add an album or artist of the current song to the queue.


Pause Rhythmbox when the GNOME screensaver is activated

Send First

Allows you to send any song in your library or play queue at the beginning of the play queue.


Displays a visual spectrum analyzer

Small Window for Rhythmbox

Adds small window mode to Rhythmbox

Stop After Current Track

Stops playback after current track.

Stop After Selected Track

Stops playback after the track selected by the user. This also contains the "Stop After Current Track" plugin

Suspend After Playing

Allows you to shutdown or suspend your PC at the end of the play queue

Tablature Plugin

Find and display the guitar tablature (also for drum and bass when available) of the current playing song from tab websites. The tablatures will be showed in a small panel integrated in the Rhythmbox GUI.

Tray Icon

Control Rhythmbox from the system tray - rate songs, forward, next, play, pause, quit and volume control.

Web Menu 2.2

Search a song on YouTube, look for its lyrics or find its album and/or artist on Wikipedia, AllMusic, RateYourMusic, DiscoGS, AllAboutJazz,, Grooveshark, MySpace, Facebook, Amazon and Torrentz, with just one click! This plugins adds a fully customizable 'Web' menu to the menu bar and to the context menu, along with new keyboard shortcuts. You can also add your favorite websites and remove those that aren't helpful.

NEW features: - Look for song lyrics


Search for selected artist, album, track or genre at the click of a button.


Search videos for selected artist, album or track.

Rhythmbox 0.x Plugins

For older Rhythmbox 0.x Plugins, click here

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