Old Third Party Plugins for Rhythmbox 0.x

This page contains links to old third party plugins for Rhythmbox 0.x. For new plugins please click here

Rhythmbox 0.x Plugins

10 Band Equalizer

10 band equalizer for Rhythmbox.

Alarm Clock (I)

This plugin gives Alarm Clock functionality to Rhythmbox.

Alarm Clock (II)

Tell Rhythmbox to start playing at a certain time.

Searches the web for the album art of the currently playing song using google search apis. From the resulting images, one can then choose an image to set it as album art


Change Rhythmbox volume according to focused application.

Artist Prefix

Configure a list of prefixes to ignore in artist names when sorting the artist list. This plugin looks at artist names and automatically adds a sortname entry for tracks that match the prefix to ignore. Allows Rhythmbox to, for example, sort "The Beatles" under "Beatles" instead of "The".


The FreeDB mass-tagger.


Copies the files of the selected songs to the Gnome Clipboard.

Count In

Provides a delay at the start of a song and a metronome style count down. Perfect for playing along to a song.

Countdown Playlist

Creates a playlist of specified length given any number of keywords; generally accurate within 20 seconds.

D-Bus events

Make Rhythmbox aware of certain D-Bus events and react upon them.

Desktop Art

This plugin shows album cover art for the current playing song in Rhythmbox on the desktop.

Duplicate Source

Provides a source for duplicate files. The search is based on the tags.

Edit File

Edit current file with Audacity via context menu.

Fast playback position access

Adds items to tray icon menu to provide fast access to the current playing track and its position. This can be very useful when long media files are playing.

File Organizer

Organise your music library. Fileorganizer will move and rename files according to your tags and then update the database so you don't lose your ratings and play counts. It will also back up duplicates and move files like album art with your files.

Folder View

Browse the music in Rhythmbox by folders.

gUPnP plugin

GUPnP is an object-oriented open source framework for creating UPnP devices and control points, written in C using GObject and libsoup.

Internet radio browser plugin

Plugin that shows the radio station lists of icecast (dir.xiph.org) and shoutcast directly in rhythmbox. So the user can easily search for internet radio stations in rhythmbox and play them. Recording of radio stations is also supported.

Jump to playing

This plugin will display the View : Jump to Playing Song link as a button in the toolbar and as link in the Browser’s context menu. Hides toolbar button (including Browse) when in small display mode.

Last Rhythm

This plugin displays recommendations related to the current track you are listening.

Last.fm queue

Chooses the next song to queue based on the currently played track. Makes use of Last.fm recommendations.

LCDproc plugin

Displays the song name and artist name on an LCD display managed by LCDproc.

Now Playing Clipboard

Copies current song information to your system clipboard on song change.

Now Playing XML

Automatically generates an XML document containing the current song information.

No More Earphone Accident

Just relax while earphone got unpluged by accident.

Open Folder

Context menu to open the folder with the song being currently played. File manager determined via xdg-open

Pause After Track

Pauses Rhythmbox after the current track

Pandora Radio

Plays Pandora radio stations.

Play Album

Right-click on an album to play its all tracks.

Queue Album

Right click on an album to queue all its tracks to the Play Queue

Queue On Click

Add selected song to your play queue by pressing middle click on your mouse.

Quick Trash

Adds an entry in the status icon popup menu to move the currently playing track to the trash.

Record Radio Streams

Rip internet radio streams to your harddisk using streamripper. This plugin also supports automatic recordings at a given time.


Remotely control Rhythmbox with your cell phone. Remuco can be used with Bluetooth or WiFi and JavaME equipped mobile devices .

Repeat One Song

Add the possibility to repeat only the current song

Resume on restart

Resume playing the last song after Rhythmbox start.


A light GWT remote interface to Rhythmbox, optimized for smartphones. Based on the Rhythmweb plugin from Michael Gratton.

Rhythmbox Microblogger

send notice about current music to a microblogging service from Rhythmbox (currently supports twitter and identica)


A telnet interface to rhythmbox which lets you control rhythmbox from a terminal.


Show to your Pidgin buddies what song you are listening to with Rhythmbox. Pidgin's status message can be customized with song's title, artist, and album.


Lets you control Rhythmbox remotely, from your web browser or android phone via an app. It is not an Internet radio server - it does not play music in your web browser, rather it lets you control Rhythmbox on a machine or android phone other than the one it is running on.

Delete Current playing file

Useful for deleting unwanted music from the library and harddisk. No need to go through new music and filter the things you like. Just delete the ugly stuff when you encounter it the first time using Ctrl+Sift+Del.

Export Playlist Plugin

Plugin for copying music files of a playlist into a different destination.

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