About GNOME Radio

GNOME Radio is the Public Network Radio Software for Accessing Free Audio Broadcasts from the Internet.

Information about GNOME Radio is available on https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Radio and http://www.gnomeradio.org/

There is available source code in the GNOME Radio repository on https://gitlab.gnome.org/ole/gnome-radio and http://www.gnomeradio.org/0.1/gnome-radio-0.1.2.tar.gz is the first GNOME Radio 0.1.2 release (New York City).

Map Audio

Locate and select audio from a map

Play Radio

Play and listen to radio from the map

Design Philosophy

C, Cairo, Clutter, Champlain, GStreamer, GTK+

People behind Radio

Maintainer: OleAamot (ole)

Developers: OleAamot (ole)

Summer of Code students: None at the moment

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