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GNOME Maps does not aim to compete with applications like Google Maps. The benefit we can give is integration with other GNOME desktop apps.

Another thing that makes us feel special is our use of open data from OpenStreetMap.

Along side with the specifics the focus will be to polish the features we have and improve the libraries that we depend on, such as the pan/zoom/travel-to place with libchamplain. And the geocode functionality in geocode-glib.

We also want to continue marking bugs with the gnome-love keyword to provide an entry point for new developers that want to contribute.


  • Basic editting of OpenStreetMap data from Maps (bug)

  • Printing of routes (bug)

  • Opening and displaying geographic annotation and visualization, possibly through KML files (bug)

  • Integration with ownCloud (bug)

  • Some sort of support for client side rendering

  • Further support for offline tiles
  • Someway to download tiles


  • Using local tiles in some manner in offline mode ✔
    • Maybe as command line option
    • This would enable us to spread bundles of areas
  • Improve zoom / travel to location (bug)(bug) ~✔

  • Smooth zoom (bug) ✗

  • Add supports for roundabouts in route search (bug) ✗


For 3.16 we want to keep adding features that we feel are basic component that any map application should have. And we want to polish those features that we already have. And work against realising the designs from our design page. In addition to that want to start integrating with the rest of the GNOME ecosystem.

Key features we want this cycle

  • Buttons on our map bubbles (bug) ✔

  • Bookmark/favorite handling (bug) ✔

  • Social Check-in (bug) (bug) ✔

  • Display Points of Interests (bug) ✗

  • Integration with Contacts (possible OPW project) (bug) ✔

  • Integration with Clocks/Weather (bug) ✔


  • Specific feature-overlays
    • Bike roads (see where I can go by bike)
    • Traffic (to avoid traffic jams for example)
    • etc...

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