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Donating to Geary

There are a number of ways for you to show appreciation for Geary though donations: Supporting developers and other contributors in general, supporting work on specific features and bugfixes, and contributing to GNOME, which provides the desktop, software components and infrastructure that make Geary possible.

Support for developers

Geary is primarily a volunteer-based project. While we occasionally receive code contributions from people paid by companies to do so, the great majority of work is carried out by people volunteering their time. As such, any financial support you provide will directly benefit developers, translators and others and allow them to devote more time to making Geary great.

No developers are currently available for support.

Support for specific projects

Any specific projects available for funding will appear here. There are none at the moment.

Support GNOME

You can provide support for the GNOME project via the Friends of GNOME programme.

Listing your name here

If you would like to list you name above, you should be able to demonstrate existing contributions to Geary (or GNOME in general) and that the contributions are ongoing. Addding links to your Gitlab profile as above for example will give people peace of mind you're an active part of the project. If you don't such a history, then dive in and make some contributions first, then come back here.

Listing a specific project should include a link to the issue covering it in GitLab and if applicable a link to an external crowd-funding page.

Please follow the templates above and get in contact to announce it. Thanks!

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