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Contributing to Games is easy, and we really appreciate it. File bug reports, attach patches, create mockups, and wait for review (ping the maintainers at #gnome-games if you think we took too long). There are no restrictions at all, and anyone can get involved with Games development. There are many ways to help:

Editing the wiki

Games aims to be easy to use, but can be complex to fully understand. That's why we have a Documentation page to help users find out more about Games' tweaks and settings.

Writing code

Games is written in Vala. Its source code is stored at GNOME's GitLab. Games also relies on retro-gtk, a toolkit specially designed to write GTK+3-based libretro frontends.

Designing UX

Our developer documentation describes the objectives of Games as an application. This is also the space for the current tentative design in implemented and upcoming aspects of Games.

Reporting bugs

Development is tracked using GNOME's GitLab. Search the bug tracker for any issues or feature requests you may have. If you are a newcomer, you can find some easy bugs to get started with in this list.




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