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Vala is a programming language using modern high level abstractions without imposing additional runtime requirements and without using a different ABI compared to applications and libraries written in C. Vala uses the GObject type system and has additional code generation routines that make targeting the GNOME stack simple. Vala has many other uses where native binaries are required. More...


The supported stable release branches with Long-Term Support are 0.48 and 0.56.

Getting Started

Vala is a cross platform development tool with third party distributions providing binaries for Windows, macOS, Linux, *BSDs and other platforms. Read more about installing Vala on your preferred platform.






IDEs and Build Tools


Like anyone skilled in their craft you know how to maintain your tools. Learn more about contributing back to the Vala tool set...

Documentation for Contributors


Code repository

Documentation for Contributors


Building from Source


There is GNOME Discourse for developer and general discussions. You can also join the Vala Matrix channel for asking questions and talking with the developers. The old mailing list can be accessed at here. There is also an IRC channel #vala on (, as well as a Discord server.

Recent activity from some of the wider user community can be found on GitHub or read about on the Planet Vala blog aggregator. The user community is also active on Stack Overflow and Reddit and follow us on Twitter as @vala_lang or use #vala tag.



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