Alberto Fanjul

  • Email: <albertofanjul AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

  • github: albfan

  • twitter: albfanjul

  • stackoverflow: albfan

  • irc: albfan on #c++, #gnome-builder, #newcomers, #bugs, #gnome-music from

Just a developer making his way on GNOME culture.

Love to talk about diffting, vcs, wiki, issue tracker, editor, IDE, debugger and command line.

You can contact me to speed up the learning curve with open source workflows.

Projects involved:


  • IRC is the core of interaction on GNOME. If you miss log on it (disable on purpose) many folks at GNOME uses a bouncer znc irc bouncer. Now bridge is avaliable through riot Another option is to use a third-party service irccloud

  • git-bz is recommended on Newcomers/CodeContributionWorkflow to submit patches to bugzilla. I find it annoying because it uses authentication from web browser cookies (what a hack!). My option is to use same tool red hat design to interact with bugzilla python-bugzilla. basic interaction

    • $ bugzilla --bugzilla attach --help


  • Spanish: native
  • English: I do my best


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