Wifi-Direct on NetworkManager


Wifi-Direct is another name for Wifi-p2p


Based on existing implementation of miraclecast (Wifi-Direct + miracast protocol) implement Wifi-Direct for NetworkManager

attachment:gnome screencast

Technical doc

Techical docs from wifi.ofg: http://www.wi-fi.org/downloads-registered-guest/Wi-Fi_Peer-to-Peer_Services_Technical_Spec_Package_v1.2.zip/29561


  • First step: will be to delegate handshaking and creation of local network from NetworkManager instead of miraclecast (Done)

  • Second step: allow hardware to work as Wifi-Direct AP and normal AP (Dbus with wpa_supplicant) (Done)

  • Third: Add GUI interface for Wifi-Direct (Done)

  • Last step: Create plugins to work using NetworkManager Wifi-Direct implementation (file servers, stream servers, share content servers) (Done)

Developer hints

NetworkManager is a complex piece of software with lot of dependencies


Required packages on fedora

moving around to these files can be done with cscope. There's a special target to index project with cscope

cscope index rule


  • $ make cscope

could be not enough. Use SOURCEDIRS env to allow cscope index sources for dependencies. Read more on cscope man

If you use jhbuild these can be easier as jhbuild downloads all sources not new enough on ~/jhbuild/checkout

jhbuild nm dependencies


  • $ export SOURCEDIRS='~/jhbuild/checkout/libnl:~/jhbuild/checkout/glib:...'

will index those files too

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