GNOME Media Applet

Media applet is an application to easily manage disks and devices on your system.


After a long work media-applet 0.4 is finally out. media-applet 0.4 release

About this version:

  • media-applet can run either as a normal application (with an icon in the notification area) or as an applet
  • media-applet unmount all partitions of a removable device with one click
  • File Monitor: media-applet update the size and free space of a device dinamically
  • Better notification system: you can enable/disable notifications (and notifications actions) using the gconf keys (/apps/media-applet/show_notifications and apps/media-applet/show_actions). Notification messages look also more human :)

  • "Open with Nautilus" as default action: clicking on each device will always open a new nautilus window for it
  • bug fixing: #323813,#318254,#317856 and others
  • media-applet is translated in 17 languages
  • Updated to vala 0.5.7


  • Easily manage your devices
  • support actions on devices
  • support notifications
  • support network devices
  • Shiny user intereface
  • Written in Vala


  • vala 0.5.7


you can download the latest development release from:

svn checkout

the source code from media-applet 0.4.tar.bz2, the ubuntu package (32 bit) from media-applet-0.4.deb and the ubuntu package (64 bit) from media-applet-0.4-64 bit.deb


Simply run:

  • ./waf configure --prefix=/usr
  • ./waf
  • sudo ./waf install


How to contribute

If you are interested in translating media-applet into your language click here media-applet translation page. (Launchpad account required). For suggestions and bug reports feel free to contact me at the address below.

The Future

Media applet 0.4.1 is almost ready. In this version I worked on integration with gnome-format(now there is action to format removable devices) and on bluetooth devices support. The last task I will work on is the integration with the new ubuntu notifications server, I really look forward to make media-applet works fine with it. :)


Contact me at <christian.martellini AT gmail DOT com> or view my blog

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