About me

Although my name is Francisco, people on the Free Software world uses to call me klondike or klon. I'm a developer on the Kontinuidad Jabata Project where I'm trying to update its code, so it uses up-to-date libraries and languages (right now it uses php4 ie), and where, when core-GUI separations is done, I'll try to make a less QT dependant core and a GTK based alternative GUI. Also I'm discussing with the other developers about replacing the core's audio system which is mainly based on external UNIX apps to a Gstreamer based core, as that would improve the quality of the audio core system. I'm also working on various university projects like Phobos.

I was the responsible of Guademy 2008's video streams (you know who blame about failures :P) and I usually try to make audio or video streams on those events I can go. I also like to give speeches on audio and video streaming and Radio Station Managing with Kontinuidad Jabata on the events I can go.

Email: <klondike ( A T ) S P A M F R E E  xiscosoft D O E T Y E R com>


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