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Hector Louzao

Greetings. I am a Venezuelan technical guy who is currently living in Gijón – Asturias -Spain UTC+1. I have a Bachelor in Computer with 13 years of experience, I have made Analysis, Design and Programming information at systems environments: Mainframe (Z390), Mini (AS-400), an PC. I have experience in the area of SQA Software Quality Assurance.

I am a self-employed so I am my own boss and I can take free time wherever I want, Currently I'm working as a Linux administrator and also a student English as a second language. I am online most of the time. Which means I spend lot of time in front of computers. which also means I do not have a life.

  • I am a dedicated professional and committed both at work, and personally.
  • I adapt easily to change.
  • I consider myself responsible, sincere. I am also optimistic, proactive, and I always try to find a solutions to problems that arise.
  • A feature that characterizes me is to be very passionate with all my activities, I enjoy and have fun at work.

I have been using various forms of GNU/Linux for over five years now, and has used most of the different distros. My option to GNOME is because I like the work of this community and ... many other things.


My GPG Key is CC2CA726 - I encourage you to use it.



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