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GNOME University

GnomeUniversity is an effort to build a set of course materials and an encouraging environment for new and existing GNOME members to develop new skills. In time, it will expand to cover many subjects and languages. To begin with, however, GnomeUniversity will focus on the C programming language and GNOME platform libraries. Understanding a bit of C can help developers write better code in a multitude of languages. GNOME libraries are often written in C, and doing so allows for easy integration with higher level languages such as Python, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, and more. We hope to encourage application developers to use whatever language they are comfortable with, while providing the same APIs to all of those languages.

GNOME Love, Newcomers Tutorial, and GNOME Developer Center are other resources that can help you learn how to contribute to GNOME.

How does it work?

GnomeUniversity is separated into a series of tracks. Each track will focus on a particular section of developing for GNOME. The C track is our first track, but in time we hope to have a Python track, JavaScript track, UI/UX Design, and more. This is of course depends on a significant amount of time that a teacher and mentor needs to provide to each track.


  • The IRC channel can be found on GIMPnet ( in #gnome-university. ChristianHergert and other gurus will be around to help you.

  • You can also email ChristianHergert directly.

  • Feel free to add yourself to /Members if you would like to meet others in your area.


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