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Yelp is the help viewer in GNOME. It natively views Mallard, DocBook, man, info, and HTML documents. It can locate documents according to the help system specification.

Yelp development has led to the development of various tools, and the Mallard and DocBook transformations live in standalone XSLT module. All of these are under the umbrella name Yelp.


Documentation on the command-line utilities that come in the yelp-tools package.


Information about Yelp's universal stylesheets for Mallard and DocBook, including where you can find complete information on customizing the stylesheets.


Information on Yelp's support for general features like video, subtitles, MathML, SVG, conditional processing, and syntax highlighting.


Details on Yelp's support for Mallard, including which features are supported, which experimental features are in development, and which style hints are supported.


Details on Yelp's support for DocBook


Details on Yelp's experimental support for DITA


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