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The moserial Project

moserial is a clean, friendly gtk-based serial terminal for the gnome desktop. It is written in Vala.


  • ASCII and HEX views of incoming and outgoing data
  • Logging to file of incoming and/or outgoing data
  • Support for x, y, and z-modem file send and receive
  • Support for profile files, to load/save common configurations
  • Easier to use than the alternatives
  • Supports i18n
  • It even has docs!

Who's It For?

moserial is primarily intended for technical users and hardware hackers who need to communicate with embedded systems, test equipment, and serial consoles.

The Competition

moserial seems to fill a gap in gnomish software.

moserial is intended to fully replace the qt/kde-based cutecom. cutecom is nice, except that its UI is not well thought out - too many clicks are need to start logging, for example. Plus the qt nature of it is out of place in gnome.

moserial also partly replaces the text-based minicom.

gtkterm is another serial terminal for gnome. It mixes the input and output together in a single window (like Hyperterminal), which some users may prefer. It does not support z/x/y modem transfers. The UI is a little unpolished (and not GNOME HIG compliant).

For those migrating from Windows, moserial replaces the handy Hyperlog for Windows (a non-free serial file capture utility), Hyperterminal (the default simple serial app), and Bray Terminal (a hacker's serial terminal).

Getting the Code

The git repository is available at

To compile from git, do this:

  • git clone

  • cd moserial
  • On 32 bit systems: ./ --prefix=/usr
  • On 64 bit systems: ./ --prefix=/usr --libdir '/usr/lib64' --build x86_64
  • make
  • sudo make install
  • moserial

The tarballs are here:

Bugs, and How to Help

Polite bug reports are always helpful.

Requests for enhancements, with patches, are great too!

Please review the open bugs, before submitting new ones.

Translations are also needed! They may be contributed through the normal gnome translation channels. You can see the current translation status here.





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